Study Materials and Resources for Acing the SHSAT

Preparing thoroughly for the SHSAT is crucial to maximize your chances of getting into your preferred specialized high school. The right study materials and resources can make all the difference. Here’s an overview of the most effective options:

Recommended SHSAT Prep Books

  • Official SHSAT Handbook: Published by the NYC Department of Education, this is an essential resource containing information about the test, sample questions, and tips. It often includes a full-length practice test. You can usually find these at your local library.
  • Specialized Test-Prep Publishers: Reputable companies like Kaplan, Princeton Review, and Barron’s offer comprehensive SHSAT prep books with detailed explanations, practice questions, and full-length practice tests.
  • Subject-Specific Review Books: If you need focused practice in specific areas, such as Math or Verbal, consider supplementing with subject-focused prep books.

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Free and Online SHSAT Prep

  • NYC DOE Website: Offers official SHSAT information, past exams, and additional resources. ([invalid URL removed])
  • Khan Academy is a fantastic, free online platform with personalized lessons, practice questions, and videos covering all the core math concepts tested on the SHSAT.
  • SHSAT Forums and Communities: Connect with other students for support and advice and share study resources.
  • Free Online Practice Tests and Quizzes: Many websites offer free practice questions and quizzes to help you track your progress.
  • Caddell Prep’s Online Course: Caddell Prep offers a comprehensive online SHSAT prep course with structured lessons, practice tests, and personalized guidance.

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The Importance of Practice Tests

Taking full-length SHSAT practice tests is one of the most effective ways to prepare. They help you:

  • Familiarize with Test Format: Understand the question types, time constraints, and overall feel of the exam.
  • Identify Strengths and Weaknesses: Analyze your results to focus on areas where you need additional practice.
  • Develop Time Management Skills: Learn to pace yourself effectively and allocate your time between the Math and Verbal sections.
  • Build Confidence: Gaining experience with the test format and question styles can reduce test-day anxiety.

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Don’t Forget the Specialized High School Handbook

The official NYC DOE SHSAT Handbook often includes two practice tests and sample questions along with valuable test-taking tips and strategies. Make sure to utilize this resource!

Choosing the Right Resources

The best SHSAT study materials for you will depend on your budget, learning style, and specific needs. Consider combining a variety of these resources for well-rounded preparation.

Remember: Consistent Practice is Key!

No matter which study materials you choose, dedicated and consistent practice is essential. Set up a regular study schedule, track your progress, and actively seek help with challenging concepts.